About Us

Company Overview

We offer a wide selection of quality imported shoes in versatile styles for up to 75 percent less than competitors. We carry all kinds of footwear, but specialize in clogs, including hard to find styles, end-of-season closeouts, manufacturer overruns and reissued styles.

Brands and Styles

We are an authorized dealer of many brands including Sanita clogs. We mainly offer high-quality comfort brands, and carry a variety of upper, lower and vamp styles, including the traditional Danish clog, Mary Janes, boots, and sandals for women, men and children.

Factory Seconds

Although the great majority of our products are first quality items, we are also the only authorized dealer allowed to sell Sanita factory seconds. These items are handcrafted in Europe in the same manner as the first-quality clogs, but they usually have a very minor cosmetic flaw. There is never a structural problem with the shoe itself. Some possible blemishes are things like stretch marks, scuffs, cuts or nicks. Because of these minor imperfections, we are able to sell these super high-quality, imported shoes at a discounted rate. If an item has very obvious or multiple imperfections, it will not pass the quality inspection at shipping time. Every product you see on our site is clearly marked as First Quality or Second Quality. Additionally, all Second Quality items are clearly marked on the outsole by the factory to prevent commingling of inventory.

Below are some examples of Factory Second imperfections:

2ndssmall-01.jpg 2ndssmall-02.jpg 2ndssmall-03.jpg
2ndssmall-05.jpg   2ndssmall-04.jpg


Some other things to note:

Slight size variations are a characteristic of hand-made shoes and are not considered a defective fit issue.
Slight, naturally occurring color variations in leather are not considered a defect. Some leathers, including oiled and waxed leather, may have noticeable scuffs, even in first-quality goods. This can be cured by rubbing an oil sponge over the shoe.
For information on caring for clogs, please read more on the Clog Care page.


Final sale products are items that cannot be returned or exchanged. The items are marked at such a low price because they are the last of our stock and are being cleared out of our warehouse.


Closeout items are end-of-season products that are purchased at discount with the savings passed on to the customers.


Overruns are in-season items that were simply produced in excess by a manufacturer. As a result, ClogOutlet purchases the excess and can offer deep discounts to customers on the product.


Occasionally there are international styles that resonate particularly well with the American audience. When we notice a demand for a particular style, there is an opportunity to request a reissue of the shoe. 

Customer Service

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our customer service line at 1-877-655-4477

Or, email us at service@clogoutlet.com.